About us

Welcome to the online accompaniment to the collective enunciation/print journal, TRANSVERSALS.

The project behind TRANSVERSALS is to create a self-generating space for the production and publication of experimental works, particularly long-form text (>1000 words) and mixed-media, with an ethos in keeping with Deleuze and Guattari’s call for minor art. Artistic creation is a struggle when meritocratic ideals place trend before rigor, flash before nuance, major before minor. We believe the struggle is worth the effort.


   We work as groupuscule by combining the energies of each individual (each being several) to motivate the group’s continued output of critical works. We aim to think aloud – critically and practically – about our extreme displeasure with contemporary forms of representation, specifically those found in academia and art. Limiting representations of desire and experience implicitly alienates non-subscribers. Protest requires a nomadic form of stratifying to major language only insofar as needed to magnify its faults and enter into a deterritorialized space open to the creation of new representations, new languages that inherently reject the notion of any totalizing signification.


   Our form of protest does not take a futurist, idealist, or positivist approach, but rather looks to an ever-tra(ns)versing amalgam of that which is pre-science, pre-art, pre-academic, medieval, surrealist, dada, Situationist, deconstructivist, schizo, rhizomatic, nomadic, non-linear, open, dynamical, chaotic, membranous, pseudo-” “, non-codifiable, …, worldings of wonder, curiosity, paradox, and play.